What is an Electric Bicycle and should you buy one?

What is an Electric Bicycle and should you buy one?
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What is an electric bicycle and do you need to buy one?

Electric bicycles are taking over streets, trails, campgrounds, and beaches across the country and the world for that matter. Here in the good ole USA, our love for cars has overshadowed the economy and sheer fun of the electric bike. But all that has been changing for many reasons. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused an explosion of eBike sales as people are forced to self-quarantine and stay home. Seeking alternate forms of exercise, people who for many reasons cannot enjoy regular biking due to ailments, age, resilience, and others have discovered the joys of electric bikes and their ability to take on most of the hard work of pedaling. Electric bikes have operating modes that allow you to pedal normally unassisted or can assist your pedaling as the demand changes like going up a steep hill. The motor kicks in and whisks you right up the hill without breaking a sweat. If you have been unable to ride a conventional bicycle for reasons like arthritis, MS, bad knees or hips, or other ailments, you should consider getting your mobility and freedom back by getting on an electric bike. And like millions of people who have no ailments and just love riding, and electric bike extends their range and flexibility. A 20 mile on a normal bike can easily turn into a 40-mile eBike ride.

Here is why an electric bike is the best purchasing decision you can make.

Plunking down $1000 to $6000+ on a new bicycle is not a decision to be made lightly even for die hard cyclists. We would highly recommend staying away from sub $1000 eBikes as the quality, fit/finish, and safety features are usually well below grade. There are many reasons to start considering an electric bike. Your age, level of exercise, where you live, what activities you like, your physical abilities, your friends and family, fuel costs, travel and commuting needs are all drivers in deciding on a new electric bike purchase. Older riders are discovering that they can once again get out and enjoy biking without the fear of running out of physical steam to make the return trip. They are also realizing they can now get out and ride with their children and grandchildren and enjoy the outdoors together as a family activity. Campers are strapping an eBike to the back of their RV so that they can enjoy riding through massive camp sites and enjoy the country and wilderness. Folks living in cities are discovering how to avoid gridlock and traffic by using an eBike for commuting to work. And countless others are discovering the excitement of getting out on electric mountain bikes, or beach cruisers, trikes, or even tandem eBikes for two. Hunters are discovering that they can get heavy duty eBikes equipped with trailers that can get them out into the woods in silence and easily carry back a heavy buck without breaking a sweat. Most electric bikes are easy to maintain, charge up in a matter of a few hours, can reach speeds in excess of 50 mph, and have ranges from 20 to 230 miles on a single charge! Let’s take a look at some other benefits associated with getting and riding an electric bicycle.

Improved health

Biking is a great fast and efficient way to get around. It is very convenient due to its small size and unlike cars, parking and traffic congestion is typically a thing of the past. Cycling is considered one of the best physical exercises and builds whole body strength. Regaining your mobility and getting back out with friends and family over social outdoor treks will improve your overall happiness and mental well-being.

Ability to bypass traffic and arrive faster

We mentioned this several times, but it bears repeating because it is so important on many levels. Experts have recommended people to take up bikes to ease the traffic pressure in major cities. This is one of the benefits you will get from buying an e-bike. Being small and nimble, you’ll be able to squeeze easily between cars in traffic and this will help you get places faster. With an electric bike, you will always make it to work on time and with minimal effort. There are also numerous places to recharge these bikes with many companies setting up charging stations.  You will not have to worry about the battery dying on you and having to cycle home. With an eBike you will also be playing your role in environmental conservation unlike cars that emit toxic carbon into the air. Of course, biking out in a heavy traffic area like a city warrants a heightened sense of surrounding and constantly watching other drivers who may not always see you so its always safety first.

A great source of adventure

If you are a cycling enthusiast who had to give up the thrill of the sport due to an injury, illness, or resilience, the e-bike might just be your ticket back to cycling freedom. If you experience knee problems, hip problems, fatigue, or shortness of breath due to the intensity of cycling, an e-bike is a great solution for that. You can go back to your new life of cycling and be able to conquer all those hills and rugged terrain that previously gave you difficulty. An eBike can be used for exploring the trails, mountains, beaches, towns, parks, and just about anywhere adventure might take you. Of course, you will need to make a list of all the types of riding you plan to do so that you can get a bike that fits all your needs.

There are eBike models to fit every need and budget

With the advancements in battery and motor technology the electric bike industry has been exploding. Innovative models for every type of riding exist. Competition grade mountain bikes, cargo bikes for delivering food, pizzas, boxes. Folding bikes that can fit into a closet or a back seat. Fat tire bikes for the beach. City cruisers. Trikes for those not able to balance well. Hunting and fishing eBikes. Even law enforcement is getting in on the eBike craze realizing that officers can patrol longer, farther, and stealthier on an electric bike. Stylish eBikes that look like classic choppers and motorcycles are all the rage. The electric bike is a great purchase, and although it seems a little costly, the benefits are numerous. This will be a purchase you will always look back on with pride.