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We are passionate about our business, ebikes, and providing you with stellar personal care and support. We have live experienced English speaking support staff ready to help you make your important ebike purchasing decisions. Not ready to buy? Not a problem, we advise riders all the time on what is best for them based on their needs. No sales pressure. Just friendly honest service you can rely on. So give us a try before going to those recorded chat bot sites where you cannot get a real person on the phone and join our family of happy customers who are out enjoying their awesome new ebikes.

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    Let our dedicated staff help you make your important purchasing decision. We are available M-F 8AM - 5PM EST. 732-202-1114

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    Let our dedicated staff help you with your new ebike.
    We are available M-F 8AM - 5PM EST. 732-202-1114 or email us at

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Based on 524 reviews

Good experience Best service I could have asked for. Don went above and beyond to ensure I had everything I needed and gave me options at different price points.

Derrick W.

28 jun 2023
Great service First time customer buying a bike online. Its great to be able to call a real person and get honest advice. Don cares about his customers and their happiness. Told all my friends.

Wayne L.

8 Aug 2023
Good online bike shop The bike arrived professionally packed into the box. Protectors in place to protect the vulnerable components during transit.

John C.

2 Mar 2023