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Folding eBikes

folding ebikes

Folding eBikes are smaller than most other eBikes and have a large hinge in the center of the bike frame that allows it to be quickly and easily folded in half. The handlebars, pedals, and other parts often fold up as well making the entire package quite compact and stowable. 

People love folding ebikes for their portability and ability to easily take them anywhere. Load them into a small car, store it in your office, or even in a closet. Now don’t let their smaller size fool you as these folding ebikes pack quite a punch. Powerful motors and large capacity batteries will easily carry a full size adult comfortably along with some cargo. 

People living in cities where theft might be a concern often choose folding ebikes because they can easily fold them up and bring them indoors for safe keeping. New models offer fat over-sized tires for added comfort, and all the other technical goodies found on their larger ebike counterparts. 

Take a look at the high quality models we have and grab one today!

Once you go electric you’ll never go back!

P.S. Do you know what a “e-PermaGrin” is?

Well after you get your new eBike from eXcursion Performance eBikes and take your first ride, you’ll totally be wearing one! 


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