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BTN eBikes

BTN eBikes

HANGZHOU BTN E-BIKE CO.,LTD(BTN HOLDING GROUP CO.,LTD) is a specialist of e-mobility components and complete systems and sells its products internationally. Their area of expertise is the production of systems for e-bikes and e-bike kits. They are successful in Europe, Au,NZ and North america.

They started with their e-bike business in 2009, and choose Hangzhou as their manufacturing location. Having 10 years ebike experience and thousands of happy customers, they assemble the best quality ebikes and ship all over the world.

They have Europe/USA after-sale service centers to support the local partners. As one of the pioneer sellers of e-bikes in china, BTN aims to master clean energy technique, and develop energy-saving and environmental-friendly e-bikes.

eXcursion Performance eBikes is proud to offer our customers the high quality eBikes from BTN.

Take a look at the models we have available and get one today!

  • Sale!
    eXcursion 1000W Fat Tire Scooter

    eXcursion 1000W Fat Tire Scooter


  • -18%
    Dual wheel eBike Trailer

    eXcursion Dual Wheel eBike Trailer


  • Sale!
    Cargo eBike Cargo Max

    eXcursion eCargo MAX eBike


  • -14%
    FAT Tire AWD eBike Right

    eXcursion Fat Tire AWD eBike


  • -8%
    Folding Electric Trike Front Right

    eXcursion FAT Tire Folding Electric Trike


  • Sale!
    eXcursion FAT HD Electric Mountain Bike

    eXcursion Fat Tire HD eBike


  • Sale!
    eXcursion Fat Tire 1000W EMTB
  • Sale!
    FAT Tire MN 20 Folding eBike Right
  • Sale!
    FAT Step 20 eBike Org Right

    eXcursion FAT Tire Step-thru Folding eBike


  • Sale!
    eXcursion Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike
  • -13%
    eXcursion Single Wheel eBike Trailer

    eXcursion Single Wheel eBike Trailer


  • Sale!
    TorQ Cruiser eBike Red Right

    eXcursion TorQ eBike


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