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Electric Tricycles

Electric Trikes Canal Rear

Electric Tricycles, are becoming extremely popular with older adults and seniors.

Are you looking for a bike that’s stable, comfortable, and easy to ride? An electric tricycle might be just what you need!

Electric tricycles are designed with three wheels to provide extra stability and balance, making them perfect for riders who are concerned about falling or losing balance on a traditional two-wheeled bike. With an electric motor, you can effortlessly cruise along at your own pace, without worrying about hills or headwinds.

But that’s not all. Electric tricycles are also perfect for riders who want to carry heavy loads, like groceries or gear. With a spacious cargo area or basket, you can easily haul all of your belongings without worrying about weight distribution or balance.

And with low maintenance requirements and a long lifespan, your electric tricycle is sure to provide value for years to come. Instead of spending money on gas or car repairs, you can use your electric tricycle to run errands, commute to work, or just enjoy a leisurely ride around town.

Plus, electric tricycles are eco-friendly, making them a smart choice for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Their stability, power, range, and ease of use make them the perfect mode of transportation for a quick jaunt to the local grocery store or restaurant. 

Many electric trikes include a good amount of storage baskets and trunks for carrying boxes, bags or any other payload. They have heavily padded saddles which make the ride very comfortable. 

Many electric tricycles are also fold-able which make them very easily stowed indoors away from would be thieves, or loaded into the SUV for a trip to the park. These trikes come in many different models with various power and battery options that are sure to provide hours and miles of gas free affordable commuting. 

Environmentally friendly, configurable, comfortable, easy to ride and maintain are some of the main reasons folks are choosing electric trikes over other bicycles. Anyone facing mobility challenges would absolutely love an e-trike because it removes much of the balancing and strength needed for a regular 2 wheeled bike. Many even have throttles in addition to pedal assist so that you can zip along at speeds in excess of 20mph without even pedaling!

Some electric trike models offer over-sized tires which really soften the ride to an air suspension silky smoothness. 

Take a look at the models we have from some of the best manufacturers on the market. 

Once you go electric you’ll never go back!

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