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Electric Mountain Bikes

electric mountain bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes (EMBs) are the beasts of the eBiking world. Designed to be strong, rugged, powerful and nimble. Many of these ebikes have full suspension, powerful mid-motors, and a host of awesome technology to keep you blazing through the trails and mountainside. They’re also perfectly fine for riding on roads and bike paths to get you to and from the trails. EMBs are the center of many professional team racing events that are exciting and demanding of the racers. Motor assist allows you to whiz up steep trails that would otherwise have you walking or hiking. We’ve partnered with some of the best eBike manufacturers and are proud to offer these high quality electric mountain bikes at awesome prices. These eBikes are easy to maintain and work on. 

Since many of these bikes have larger motors and can reach speeds of 30mph, we recommend checking your local laws to be sure they are street legal in your area. 

Take a look at our eBikes below.

Once you go electric you’ll never go back!

P.S. Do you know what a “e-PermaGrin” is? 
Well after you get your new eBike from eXcursion Performance eBikes and take your first ride, you will totally know what it is! 


    Delfast Top 3.0 Long Range eBike


  • Sale!
    black wildcat

    EMOJO Wildcat Fat Tire eBike


  • -14%
    FAT Tire AWD eBike Right

    eXcursion Fat Tire AWD eBike


  • Sale!
    eXcursion FAT HD Electric Mountain Bike

    eXcursion Fat Tire HD eBike


  • Sale!
    eXcursion Fat Tire 1000W EMTB
  • Sale!
    eXcursion Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike
  • Micargi Monarch electric mountain bike

    Micargi Monarch Electric Mountain Bike


  • Sale!
    Micargi Steed Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    Micargi Steed Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    5.00 out of 5

  • Sale!
    Micargi Storm Electric Moutain Bike

    Micargi Storm Electric Mountain Bike


  • Sale!
    Predator electric mountain bike

    Predator Electric Mountain Bike


  • X-TREME X-Cursion Elite Max Folding Electric Mountain Bike

    X-TREME X-Cursion Elite Max Folding Electric Mountain Bike

    5.00 out of 5


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