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Electric Cruiser Bikes & Electric City Bikes

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric cruiser and electric city bikes are designed for leisure biking. Whether cruising the city, town, boardwalk or beach they are a ton of fun! These electric cruiser bikes are designed to look stylish and often have a unique look all their own that is sure to turn heads as you silently whiz by.

Designed for comfort, they are suitable for anyone looking for a balance between pedaling and sitting back and enjoying the scenery. Some designs include baskets and rear storage racks, and can even be outfitted with surfboard carriers and other cargo gear.

These Electric Cruiser Bikes are well built but not designed for the brutal environment of off-roading or trail riding. If you want an all around cruiser that can provide you with years and miles of power assisted riding, an electric cruiser bike or electric city bike will fit the bill.

We’re very proud to offer some of the best and highest quality electric cruiser and city eBikes at the absolute best prices backed by our total satisfaction commitment. Take a look at these models. We’re sure there is one that will excite you!

Cruise through a quaint town or along the beach and you are sure to see these bikes out and about.

They make an excellent investment in your fitness routine and are a source of sustainable energy. 

Once you go electric you’ll never go back!

P.S. Do you know what an “e-PermaGrin” is? 

Well after you get your new eBike from eXcursion Performance eBikes and take your first ride, you will totally know what it is! 


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