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Dual Motor eBikes

Dual Motor eBikes

Dual motor ebikes are basically 2 wheel drive e-Bikes that can blast through dirt, mud, snow and sand with All Wheel Drive (AWD) ease. Powerful dual hub motors and fat off road tires make these ebikes a real blast. Dual Motor eBikes are becoming very popular as hunting ebikes, fishing ebikes, and other outdoor activities that require stealth and payload/carrying capabilities. Add on an available trailer and you can pull your hunt out of the deep woods like a boss! These powerful ebikes can also be used in single motor mode, or even pure pedal power mode as they have intelligent controllers that can be easily set with the press of a finger. Large capacity batteries and multiple pedal assist modes make riding them a blast through any terrain. And when you get tired of pedaling through it all, you can simply sit back and twist the throttle for a pedal free ride back home. 

Naturally they can be ridden on roads, trails, and bike paths to get you to and from your off-roading adventure spot. 

If you’re looking to AMP up your adventure, then a dual motor ebike might just be the ticket. 

Take a look at the awesome models we have available. 

Once you go electric you’ll never go back!

P.S. Do you know what a “e-PermaGrin” is? 
Well after you get your new eBike from eXcursion Performance eBikes and take your first ride, you’ll totally be wearing one! 

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