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Delfast eBikes

Delfast ebikes are simply designed to travel really long distances.

Delfast Inc., as the electric bikes manufacturer, was initiated in the fall of 2017 by Daniel Tonkopiy and Serhiy Denysenko as the natural extension of the fast e-delivery service established 3 years earlier.

The business originated in 2014 from the Delfast 1-hour delivery service based in Kyiv, the goal of which was to deliver any product to any part of the city within an hour using an efficient and eco-friendly vehicle.

The first Delfast electric bike for the delivery services was shipped from China to Ukraine in 2014. Although, the e-bikes on the market could only offer the range limited to 35 km or 22 mi on average, while the Delfast couriers had to overcome more than 150 km or 90 mi per day. Thus, with no alternative out there, Delfast decided to take the initiative and started experimenting with the e-bikes. The initial goal was to make efficient electric bikes for Delfast delivery guys.

236 miles is not an artificial figure that the electric bike is able to pass in ideal conditions of the passenger or on a training stand. We challenged ourselves and went on a trip on the top model. We charged the bike, took the camera and made a movie – from start to finish on one charge. Check out our time-lapse video and see how it went. (NOTE – The kickstarter campaign is over and you can order your Delfast eBike today here at eXcursion eBikes.

eXcursion Performance eBikes is proud to offer our customers the high quality eBikes from Delfast

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